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Ante-natal mums and dads are very welcome to come along and meet parents and babies at different stages of the process...





"A very positive moment in our journey with Ben was meeting another parent and their 5 month old baby boy who had been born with the same type of cleft as Ben.


We went a few weeks before Ben was born and two things stick in my mind from the meeting, firstly we were absolutely astounded at how good the repair was - we like many parents had looked at a lot of before and after surgery photos but to meet a real life baby and see just how good he looked was fantastic and really did put our minds at rest about what was possible.


Secondly, to meet a happy, active, content baby was a really good reminder that when all said and done this was just another little baby we were expecting, all be it with a few extra hurdles to contend with.  After the diagnosis so much time is spent on understanding what it means, what will happen etc it is easy to forget the excitement of expecting a new addition to the family and this meeting really reignited that feeling of excitement about meeting my new baby."


Rachel Smith, mum to Ben Smith born with a unilateral cleft lip & palate